Why We Get Up In The Morning...

Why We Get Up In The Morning...

We understand how it feels when hard work doesn't seem like enough, and our mission is to help you get more for what you put in and build confidence in your business. Our services are designed to help roofing company owners who want to grow a strong business go from unorganized, uncertain, and inefficient... to dialed in, successful, and on a clear path to success.

So often, the clients that come to us feel like every strategy that they try to implement produces inconsistent results. This constant effort that only results in mediocre to non existent business growth makes them feel like they are swimming against the current. It cannot be this hard.

While we do not believe or ever want to tell you that growing a business is easy, we do believe that implementing playbooks that give you more control over your growth, stronger infrastructure for your team, and a laid out path to grow your business intentionally with different priorities at different phases makes it a lot more fulfilling.

A job well done by our team means that your business is a true source of inspiration and confidence for you, but also for your team, peers, competition, and family. We want to see you enter the upper echelon of contractors who have their business set up and built like a MACHINE.

You started your business for a better life, and we don't want you to keep having to wait around for it. We are ready to help you go get it.

Who Are Behind The Brand?

Meet Brad

Brad Akers has been involved in the construction industry in many different areas, initially beginning his career by selling roofing materials for SRS Distribution. He quickly recognized the potential for improvement in the structure of his clients' businesses, particularly in their sales and marketing processes.

This realization led him to collaborate with his clients on their marketing strategies, where he achieved significant results. Motivated by this success, he left SRS and went in as a 50% partner with one of his customers in Houston. At the same time, he started his marketing agency which he thought would just be a side business.

What he did not expect was that his marketing agency would grow as fast as it did. After about a year as a partner in the roofing company in Houston which had significant growth, he decided to go all in on the marketing agency.

During the time that he ran his marketing company he participated in a merger of his own agency with a larger enterprise, he acquired another agency, and finally in April of 2023 sold it to focus fully on helping contractors in a new way.

He now is committed to helping roofing business owners who want to grow a strong business avoid the struggle that comes with many of the mediocre growth strategies out there and turn their business into a well oiled sales & marketing machine.

Meet Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth has entrepreneurship in her blood. Raised by two entrepreneurial parents, she experienced the challenges and rewards of small business ownership firsthand throughout her childhood. This early exposure not only educated her about the realities of running a business but also instilled a deep passion for embracing the entrepreneurial lifestyle herself.

Elizabeth ran and owned a boutique for 5 years and experienced the demanding schedule of pop-up events, markets, inventory management, and shipping. Later she founded Grit & Grace Digital Marketing as a solution to some of her challenges running a boutique, leveraging her extensive experience from five years of managing her own. Later Grit & Grace merged and became a location of Hite Digital which is where Elizabeth and Brad connected.

Elizabeth expertly blends her knowledge and experience with her fervor for marketing, aiming to assist other businesses in expanding their audience and increasing their revenues. Her approach is hands-on and tailored, reflecting her deep understanding of the needs and dynamics of small businesses. And just her understanding of people in general.

Outside of her professional life, Elizabeth cherishes her time with her family. She is a devoted mother to two boys and a loving wife. Her personal interests include indulging in a good book and enjoying Netflix marathons. Through balancing her professional ambitions with her personal life, Elizabeth exemplifies the modern entrepreneurial spirit.

The Plan:

Build Your Machine...

The Plan:

Build Your Machine...

  • Book An Evaluation Call
    Review your business and goals to see which route makes the most sense for you to build your sales & marketing machine.

  • Get Your Sales & Marketing Machine Built
    We will work with you to create the tools, assets, and processes to successfully install/implement your new sales & marketing machine.

  • Strategic Consulting For Growth
    Get strategic consulting on how to scale by building the right team and focusing on the right monthly & quarterly initiatives.

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